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  2. Vintage replacement china gravy or sauce jug in green art deco pattern with stippled gilding, manufactured by Alfred Meakin Ltd of Tunstall, Staffordshire, England and dating from the late s.
  3. The teapot is in very good condition with no cracks or crazing.

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Inside the shield the pattern name above the Staffordshire Knot. With the shield stamp showing the Marquis shape and the Marigold pattern. The stamps on these more recent additions to the collection often reflect a modern era, being dishwasher and microwave safe.

Vintage replacement china salad plate in green art deco pattern with stippled gilding, manufactured by Alfred Meakin Ltd of Tunstall, Staffordshire, England and dating from the late s. Dating someone you dont know very well his anniversary also grabs the scheduled shape number Hollywood had a personality agreement with Japan to facilitate lots being copied. Your savings could have been dating alfred meakin marks at any period after that. Replacement saucer by Alfred Meakin.

Dating alfred meakin marks

Floral patterns continue over the next two decades, with Marilyn, Down on the Farm and Harvest Bouquet, seeming to take on a more rural theme. It is unusual to find a complete set in good condition from this period but there are many single items or small sets to choose from. According to an advertisement, Alfred Meakin manufactured ironstone china and white granite ware, suitable for export.

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For the first time, we see bowls and plates that are completely colour glazed on the outside and also multicultural influences such as Madras Indian and the striking Zambesi pattern. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. One Plate has a small area of. Hello and Welcome to my pottery marks blog. Beautiful floral pattern, square shape.

Alfred Meakin Coffee set Old white Ironstone. Please send information if any on this potterymark. The Pottery remained in the family though and retained the name, which remains popular with collectors to this day. Here is some of their pottery marks.

This is a printed mark for W. The central motif is stunning. Decorated by Alfred Clough at Louis Works.

Please provide a valid price range. But i guess actually its a big difference afterall. These printed mark was used from and there after. The base color is a creamy custard yellow and there is a gold glaze on top rim and also on handle and rim of attached base.

The garden is alive with the colour of the art deco style flowers in red and blue which are raised. The plate is of an oval shape with relief scrolls and lobed rim. Please also note that earlier Nelson Ware was not marked.

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  • Biggest bowl has stained crazing to centre.
  • However, there are also some stark differences.
  • Colour - white background with brown Bengal Tree scene detail.
  • Datibg friendly is a kind-war relish dash from the s.
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Meakin Alfred

This printed mark was also used from c. There is a chip on the cup but it still displays well. One plate has a very visible chip on the underside- Shown in images.

But i will keep up the research. Some of these are very obvious, others more obscure. This printed mark was used from c.

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The initial example of this will be found on Carlton Star doubts. This pattern is very hard to find and to get a dinner set that is near enough complete is very rare. Do you need a mortgage loan?

Antique Ironstone

These were mainly used in the factory to identify the particular workers as they were paid piece-work rates. Sizes are approximate where shown. Responsive Theme works for WordPress. This is the printed belt mark with crown above.

Pattern information Some additional information about patterns can be found at our Alfred Meakin pattern information sheet. Any of these marks on your Meakin will help to narrow down the date of manufacture. Please send me all your potters marks and info to my queries email address retrovintique live. Do you need a huge capital to start off your business proposal or expansion?

Please follow my post to the right for information about the marks I have reviewed for the blog. In nice condition, see pics. These standard printed mark dates from to The fate of this teapot is not known but a larger one was later made by Gibsons.

This printed mark was introduced in c. Adams so this mark is put down to Etruria being a pattern name. Some of these are very small, others more related.

The pattern is bright and clear. Ideal for a pot plant holder. Inside the circle being the Staffordshire Knot.

Alfred Meakin

Nice long handle which makes picking up more balanced and easy to hold. Earrings are excluded for reasons of hygiene. These printed mark was also introduced in c. The set includes one serving plate and six side plates - perfect for afternoon tea with finger sandwiches and cake.

This rubber stamp was in use c and used there after. This is a gorgeous set from circa s. These printed mark was introduced in c.

J. & G. Meakin

Alfred Meakin (Tunstall) (Ltd)

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