​​​​Campaigning for Britain's place in Europe
York for Europe campaigns for Britain to remain a member of the EU or  to retain as close a relationship as possible. 

We are not affiliated to any political party and works with other like-minded organisations and individuals to champion human rights, peace, prosperity, and respect for the environment

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​​On the 23rd of June 2016 just ​37 percent​ of the United Kingdom electorate (26 percent of the population) voted to leave the European Union in an ​advisory referendum​.

During the campaign the leave side repeatedly suggested that the UK could leave the EU without sacrificing the key benefits of membership. Since the referendum, the Goverment has made it clear that it will pursue a ​Brexit at any cost​. We will leave both the Customs Union and the Single Market, the worlds biggest market with access to 500 million customers. It is now clear that the promises made during the referendum campaign will be broken.

​Now that we understand what kind of Brexit the Government intends, we believe that the people should be allowed to choose between this hard brexit​, which damages the economy and the environment, imperils consume safety, splits up families and takes away our rights, or to remain a member of the European Union.