About Us
​ York for Europe is a collaborative group campaigning to ensure the UK remains a full and active member of the European Union to enable the UK to help shape its future. We believe that leaving the EU is bad for York and bad for the UK. We seek to maintain as close a link to the EU as possible.

York for Europe celebrates our shared culture and defends the environmental, social, economic, and political achievements of the European project, including every freedom of movement and the right of UK and other EU citizens to make their home among other member nations.

In the event of the UK leaving the EU the group will continue campaigning to have as close as possible a relationship with it and to re-join the EU. We will also campaign to ensure all of the EU’s achievements, responsibilities, obligations, protections, safeguards, rights, and freedoms are preserved for all.

The group is non-party political and welcomes members and supporters of all political parties and those who have no party-political allegiance or view, providing they support the founding beliefs and objectives of the group.

York for Europe works with other like-minded organisations and individuals to champion human rights, peace, prosperity, and respect for the environment at home and around the globe.

York for Europe is affiliated with the European Movement and supports Open Britain.