The Great (or not so great) Repeal Bill - Save our Democracy

​​​​​We Demand:

  • The government reveal a clear and detailed Bill very soon with a clear timetable which ensures necessary time for consultation and debate
  • Any delegated power to the government must be strictly defined with additional processes to scrutinise proposals
  • Henry VIII powers are avoided and delegated powers are strictly limited with sunset clauses
  • The government must guarantee, in law, clear provisions to prevent watering down human rights, equalities, and environmental laws and standards

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The government has triggered Article 50 – which means we are leaving the EU. But the battle for our democracy and our rights has only just begun.

The British government is planning a ‘Great Repeal Bill’, which could affect our rights, and our social standards and environmental protections for decades to come

Those of us who are keen to see the UK remain part of the EU need to target our fight carefully: how shall we do that, and when?

The Bill threatens to hand massive powers from parliament and the people to the government. Under so-called Henry VIII clauses, ministers would receive enhanced powers to make law outside of parliament. Even in Henry’s time these powers were controversial. At a time of such uncertainty we shouldn’t be giving the powers of a renaissance monarch to the government.

The task of the Great Repeal Bill is huge – to transfer thousands of European laws into British laws. During that process we can’t allow ministers the power to scrap important rights and protections.

During the Article 50 debate, MPs let us down by giving the government a blank cheque to negotiate our EU exit with no restrictions or guidance.

We must wake up Parliament – it’s time to stand up for our rights. Don’t let this government behead our democracy!

Stop the Silence

​On Friday 3rd March 2017 a group of York for Europe campaigners confronted Julian Sturdy, MP for York Outer with a wall of silence as part of the 'Stop the Silence' campaign (

The group of York Outer constituents placed tape across their mouths, to represent their lack of voice in the Brexit negotiations, and handed over a letter to Julian Sturdy, outlining their concerns. The letter, which was signed by over twenty York Outer constituents, expressed dismay that Julian Sturdy had only shown concern about the impact of Brexit on agricultural interests, whilst failing to stand up for the interests of his other constituents on the potentially damaging consequences of leaving the EU and actively voting against protecting the rights of EU citizens. It also included personal statements from York Outer constituents, explaining why leaving the EU will be damaging for both themselves and the city of York.

York for Europe don't feel that Julian Sturdy is taking the welfare of his constituents seriously and, by not fighting for the best outcome for his constituents he is failing to do his job.